A short background
About Us
Pertubuhan Angkatan Insan Berpadu Malaysia also known as PADU Malaysia is a Non-profit organization formed in 2018. PADU Malaysia was formed as a means to unite the people of Malaysia in a singular spirit of nationalism and unity under the tenets of the Rukun Negara (National Code);
- Belief in God,
- Loyalty to King and Country,
- Upholding the sanctity of the Constitution,
- Sovereignty of the Rule of Law,
- Decent behavior and morality.

The founder of PADU Malaysia had, since his childhood, felt a deep connection towards the rich and diverse culture and tradition in our country. Hailing from a township where kids of diverse backgrounds played and grew up together, his belief in unity, tolerance, democracy and nationalism only strengthened his ideal of striving for a greater Malaysian identity. Aiming for a more progressive, modern and technologically empowered society which still kept to its tradition and culture has been his dream for a long time. PADU Malaysia was born out of this pure ideal.

As such, PADU Malaysia’s goals are the propagation of a singular Malaysian identity, the dispersion of Welfare and Aid to Malaysians in need and to boost the socio-economic status of all Malaysians, specifically in this time of plague and uncertainty, so that we can all unite in serving, supporting and strengthening our beloved country. As per its founding goals, PADU Malaysia is open to all Malaysians, regardless of race and gender as long as they are above 18 years old.

Currently, PADU Malaysia intends to engage and empower the people who are affected and suffering due to the pandemic, be it those who have lost jobs and income streams, those who are needy and poor and those who have no avenue left and are mentally exhausted. While providing Aid and Welfare are currently our main activity, we are in the process of establishing avenues to repair our country’s decimated economy and provide options of growth and development in our own small way.

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